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Full Buffet setup - Minimum 30 pax to order and $80 transportation charges applicable.
Optional Service Staff : $ 50 per staff


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D. Vegetarian

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For additional items, please request here.
We will contact you with revised pricing.

For orders less than 25 pax, price will be a la carte. Please call us at

+65 6442 0910

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

01. We cater for a minimum of 30 pax. For orders fewer than 30, Mini Buffet Menus (self-collection) is recommended.
02. Catering Prices start from $22 Onwards
03. For bookings of 30 pax or more the following are included
a. Buffet-table with table cloth
b. Warmers
c. Disposable plates
d. Cutleries and serviettes.

04. Non Disposable ware are chargeable as such
a. Melamine plates, stainless steel cutleries and drinking glasses $2.50 per set.
b. Chinaware plates, stainless steel cutleries and drinking glasses $3.50 per set.
Note : You are advised to hire one waiter to ensure accountability of plates, cutleries and glasses.

05. Service staff is available for hire at $60.00 per staff for a maximum of 4 hours.
06. Live stations are provided for $350 for a maximum of 3 hours.
Note : The tandoor is heavy and emits heat and smoke. Customers are responsible for allocating a space that will allow tandoor and chef to operate without breaking any venue rules or causing inconvenience.

07. Transport charge of $80.00 is applicable. Transport charges are waived for orders above 100 pax.
08. An additional $10.00 will be charged for deliveries to offshore islands like Sentosa and Jurong Island.
09. Labour and service charge for events that require set-up for more than 100 pax is chargeable on a case by case basis.
10. An additional charge of $50.00 will apply if function venue is not on lift landing. Maximum 2 floors. If the carrying of the buffet items (tables, food, warmer sets, etc) exceeds two floors, an additional $20.00 will be charged for every floor thereafter.
11. Catering duration: We advise our customers to consume all the food within 4 hours after buffet commences and do not encourage the packing of food.
Note :This is in line with the National Environment Agency’s guidelines.
We no longer provide packing boxes.
Food left in the open will deteriorate in quality over time.

12. Orders should be made or finalized 3 days before the date of the event. Any changes should be finalized 48 hours before.
Note : This includes any changes in the number of pax, change of dishes, venue or time.

13. Mode of payment: Cash or Cheque On delivery.
14. Any outstanding amount must be paid upon the set-up of the buffet. An invoice will be given on the spot or sent to you via post upon request.
15. Buffet set-up will be cleared 4 hours after the ‘ready-to-consume’ time (NEA’s regulation). We will not be responsible for the food quality after the ‘to-be-consumed time’.
16. Our prices for catering and events are reviewed annually. Any increase in price will take effect immediately. Any price change will be reflected on our website.