Indian Curry House is founded in 2008 by three professionals with combined experience 30 years’ in food & beverage industry. Today it is run by a team of 25 F&B professionals specialising in Authentic Indian dishes.

Our humble beginnings took off in East Coast. In a successful span of 4 years, Indian Curry House
has extended its magic to cater to those living in West side and to the working crowd in Changi. You
can spot these two new restaurants at Singapore Expo and Sixth Avenue at Bukit Timah Road.

All our 3 restaurants operate with high standards of hygiene, only freshly high quality grade
ingredients are used and our food is served in the finest Indian cutlery's.


Our Cuisine: 

- We provide an ultimate dining experience in Indian cuisine brought to you by Chefs from India demonstrating the rich culinary expertise.

- Indulge in our casually prepared yet sophisticated Tandoor and Curry dishes. You will be sure to discover the sensational flavours of our seasonally changing menu.

- Our passion is to serve highly flavoured meals that are better for you and focus on the best of each season.Be spoilt for choice with our adventurous international wine list of more than 60 outstanding wines.

- Feel like you are at home with our warm and welcoming atmosphere.

- Come enjoy the pleasure of outstanding food expertly prepared, great wines and the company of good friends.


Our Dishes:

- The focal point of the cuisine comprises of Curries and Tandoor from regions across India with over 100 dishes on our menu. We use methods such as slow fire cooking in clay ovens for Tandoor items and specialised Woks for our signature curries.

- Our Signature Dishes comprise of Fish Cakes, Badshahi Tandoor Chicken, Chili Garlic Prawns, Lamb Shank and Pistachio Kulfi.


Our Passion:

We aim to serve quality food at reasonable cost. To fit for all occasions we also provide catering and delivery services to our patrons living in the east and west side of Singapore.



Our vision is to create an environment of choice with good quality of food which will tickle taste buds of all sets of people coming from various parts of the globe.


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